Congratulations to our 2020 Shortlist!

Winners announced at our Virtual Ceremony on 4th February 2021, at 17:00 GMT

Equipment - Professional Books

·         A Sense of Place: Mindful practice outdoors, by Annie Davy, Bloomsbury Education

·         Best Practice Guidance by The Education People, The Education People

·         It's OK to Cry, by Molly Potter, Bloomsbury Education

·         Learning Without Fear, by Julia Stead and Ruchi Sabharwal, Crown House Publishing

·         Exercising Muscles and Minds, Second Edition, by Marjorie Ouvry and Amanda Furtado, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Individuals - Childminder of the Year

Sponsored by

·         Catherine Fay

·         Julie Dixon

·         Michaela Ellis

·         Vicki Chenery

Individuals - Nanny of the Year

Sponsored by Nannytax and BAPN - the Association for Professional Nannies 

·         Bernadette Rodbourn

·         Cristina Sajtos

·         Holly Chaberka

·         Jackie Robertson

·         Keziah Warne

·         Stefanie Coleman

Individuals - Newcomer of the Year

·         Bethany Hayter, Gateways School

·         Kayla Jones, Daisy Chain Nursery

Individuals - Nursery Manager of the Year

Sponsored by Christie & Co

·         Danielle Riley, Woodlands Day Nursery

·         Deana Hunt, Brock House Day Nursery

·         Eleanor Hutton, Exploroisity Education

·         Karen Potter, Wind in the Willows Nursery

·         Kath Dickinson, SEND to Learn

·         Melanie Shepherd, Muddy Boots Nursery

·         Sophia Covill, Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery

Individuals - Nursery Operations / Regional Manager

·         Clare Porter, Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries

·         Jayne Mallett, Nina’s Nurseries

·         Martha Bott, Little Giggles Private Day Nursery and Pre-School

Individuals - Nursery Practitioner of the Year

·         Amy Chappell, Evergreen Early Years

·         Amy Delooze, The Quays Day Nursery

·         Jessica Angell, Kindred Nurseries - Odstock

·         Petra Gulyassy, Fennies Nurseries - Woking

·         Robert Sherrington, Spring by Action for Children - Bensham

Individuals - Outstanding Contribution

·         Jamie Louise Fitton, Owner and Director - Little Giggles Private Day Nursery and Pre-School

·         Mary Rose, Deputy Manager - Seahorse Nursery School

·         Nicola Fleury, Director - KidzRus Nursery

Individuals - Trainer of the Year

Sponsored by Nursery Story 

·         Ben Kingston-Hughes, Inspired Children

·         Edwina Revel and Georgia Leech, Early Start Group

·         Vicki Dawson, The Sleep Charity

Initiatives - Community Support

·         Fit N Fun Kids

·         Marcham Little Angels

·         Rosebuds Preschool at Loughborough Community Centre

Initiatives - Eco-Friendly Early Years Award

·         Enya's Childcare

·         Honey Pot Nursery Group

·         Tops Day Nurseries

·         Young Friends Nature Nursery

Initiatives - Enabling Environments Award

·         Enquiry Based Provision at Little Barn Owls Farm and Forest School

·         Forest School at Tynemouth Nursery Group Ltd

·         Houghton Community Nursery School

·         Imaginative Spaces at N Family Club

·         Into the Outdoors, responding to COVID at Barnkids

·         Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery

Initiatives - Health and Wellbeing Award

Sponsored by Fennies Nurseries 

·         Keep Your Cool Toolbox - Mine Conkbayir Consultancy

·         The LEYF Early Years Chef Academy - London Early Years Foundation

·         Woodlands Wellbeing Charter - Woodlands Day Nursery

Initiatives - Inclusive Practice Award

Sponsored by Nasen 

·         International Gingerbread Travels - Child's Play Nursery

·         Mark's Gate Nursery Food Bank & Community Outreach -   London Early Years Foundation

·         SEND to Learn Nursery

·         The Interactive Music-Making (IMM) Training Course and Network

·         Warberries Care Home Intergenerational Childminders

Initiatives - Nursery Food Award

·         Amberley Hall Day Nursery

·         Elmscot Broussa Day Nursery

Initiatives - Online and Social Media Award

·         Better Start Bradford,

·         Muddy Boots Nurseries,

·         Shada Lambert,

Initiatives - Team Development Award

·         Continuous professional development with our support at The Elms Day Nursery - University of Birmingham

·         Learning & Development at The London Early Years Foundation

·        Talent Management at Treehouse Nursery School

Initiatives - Working with Babies and Toddlers

·         Supporting the Under 2’s at The Old Forge Day Nursery

·         The Baby and Toddler Pod at Snapdragons Nursery

Initiatives - Working with Parents Award

·         FAB (Families Are Best) - Harrington Nursery School

·         Hand in Hand Parent/Carer Network - SEND to Learn

·         Talking Together - BHT Early Education and Training, funded by Better Start Bradford

·         Tots Talking - I CAN Children's Communication Charity

Organisations - Childminding Business of the Year

Sponsored by

·         Kate’s Childcare

·         Julie & Jo’s Childcare

·         Kayla’s House

·         Vicki Chenery - Childminder

Organisations - Early Years in School Award

·         Gateways School

·         Newbridge School

·         Kingsgate Primary School

Organisations - Nursery Group of the Year

Sponsored by Realise Training

·         Child’s Play Private Nursery

·         Fennies Nurseries

·         Little Barn Owls Farm and Forest School

·         London Early Years Foundation

·         N Family Club

·         The Village Nursery Group

Organisations - Nursery of the Year

Sponsored by

·         Honey Pot Day Nursery - Garston

·         Leeds Montessori School & Day Nursery

·         Meadow Lane Children's Nursery

·         The Blue Door Nursery

·         Young Friends Nature Nursery

Organisations - Pre-School of the Year

·         Clophill Preschool

·         Enya’s Childcare

·         Fit n Fun Kids

·         Leeds Montessori School and Day Nursery

·         Puddleduck Preschool

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