Welcome to the Nursery World Awards 

Open to everyone involved in early years education and childcare, the Nursery World Awards shines a light on best practice and helps to raise the profile of the sector. Through all the challenges that face them, dedicated professionals continue to improve their skills and qualifications and do a fantastic job for young children – this is your chance to be recognised and celebrated.

Our winners are chosen by a prominent panel of expert judges that is representative of the diversity of disciplines and organisations that make up the sector. The judges will have the knowledge and experience to assess each entry according to its objectives and available resources and budget.

If you would like to have a look at the Nursery World Awards 2021 ceremony, please click here: https://www.nurseryworld.co.uk/news/article/nursery-world-awards-2021-the-winners-revealed-with-photos.

We feel so proud to have been recognised nationally by the Nursery World Awards, we take great pride in our food and mealtimes, it’s something we are passionate about and are thrilled to be recognised for this. The sense of pride and achievement for the whole team was amazing. It has given parents, and prospective parents, confidence that they are thrilled to know that we are providing their children with award-winning food and that our team are so passionate about providing healthy foods and the importance of mealtimes. The ceremony was great fun, even in the current circumstances, it was accessible to the whole team which made it even more special. Thank you again, for the recognition! - Rebecca Heenan, Deputy Manager

Elmscot Broussa Day Nursery, Winner, Initiatives - Nursery Food Award 2020

It is a real honour to be selected for an award and helps to support our reputation for excellence around the delivery of our training. The award also gives providers some assurance that our trainers are of the highest calibre. As an organisation we work hard to develop engaging training packages to empower parents and practitioners with sleep knowledge. I'm incredibly proud of the award and would encourage other organisations to submit their applications, it provided a welcome boost to morale for us all at The Sleep Charity. - Vicki Dawson, CEO & Founder

The Sleep Charity, Winner, Individuals - Trainer of the Year 2020

Having worked in the early years sector for over 30 years, it came as an enormous surprise and joy to be the winner of the Nursery World Manager of the Year in 2019. With so much excellent early years practice across the country, it was such an honour to be selected for this award and I have to pay tribute to all those in our wonderful team for their dedication and support over the 5 years since Little Adventurers began. This amazing recognition of practice that seeks to give children a voice within the learning environment has been noticed by parents and prospective parents alike and has increased our profile and reputation within our local community. - Ginny Andreas, Nursery Manager

Ginny Andreas, Nursery Manager, Little Adventurers in Upminster, Winner, Nursery Manager of the year 2019

To be part of the Nursery World awards 2020 was an honour and a lovely celebration after what has been a very difficult year for us all, 2020 has been a year we will never forget but for me what has shone through is the passion flexibility and enjoyment in Early Years and the love for every child to ensure they can access exactly what they need! My team as always were overjoyed to see Rob win this award and the feedback from parents has been amazing. The parents have sent messages to me saying they feel privileged that their child can access our setting. I am so incredibly proud of Rob to win this award and gain the recognition he truly deserves. Rob is a loyal, hardworking and committed member of our team and brings unique skills and qualities which enhance experiences for all children. I am sure the celebrations will continue when restrictions have lifted! - Helen Bowlby, Nursery Manager

Robert Sherrington, Spring by Action for Children - Bensham, Winner, Nursery Practitioner of the Year 2020